If you’re unaware of SPUC, they are the “Society for the Protection of Unborn Children”. A Catholic pressure group that pipes up about the “science” behind abortion rather regularly. Fairly recently, they stepped into the equal marriage debate. But, I hear you ask, what on earth does gay marriage have to do with abortions? Well, don’t you know? Gay marriage will increase the incidence of abortion, according to the leaflet SPUC circulated not so long ago.

That’s right fellow homosexuals. You and I, by wanting marriage, are responsible for more abortions. It’s clearly all those unwanted pregnancies we keep having.

Today, however, I was contacted by my good friend Lara (who tweets as @lbulut) whose housemate is a teacher. Today, he found one of his pupils in possession of this:

Gay marriage will result in a 27% increase of smashed photo frames.


Considering the constant cries from conservative Christians that gays are indoctrinating children, it’s worth remembering that we rarely leaflet schools. Indeed, unlike them, nor do we run them with state funding. Anyway, if you’ve finished admiring the emotively neutral front page, peruse the back:


So, let’s not spend too much time on this, but…

“Children and teenagers at school will quickly learn about “gay marriage”, as teachers will have to teach them the new definition of marriage”.

This isn’t the 1980s. Children and teenagers today have access to a wealth of news and knowledge called the Internet. They will already know about gay marriage because, if they haven’t heard the many news articles about it, they’ll have picked up your leaflet. Poll after poll suggests they’re less likely to throw up about hearing the news than you folk are – young people are increasingly more liberal and the country is all the better for it.

“Gay relationships will be promoted to primary school children via storybooks.”

As far as I’m aware, there are already such storybooks. Marriage won’t change this. Children are more likely to be accepting of gay relationships because they haven’t been exposed to the same prejudices as you and, as you like to argue consistently, they won’t have been taught about the birds and the bees yet. Therefore it’s not about sex, it’s just about love – y’know, that famous value your religion talks about. Whilst I know you yearn for a return to Section 28, the country has moved on. Nobody with the slightest modicum of intellect believes that you can be taught sexuality – for a start, the Catholic Church failed to make me straight. Also, your kid might be gay, deal with it. If they are, such environments mean they’ll grow up thinking they’re not the monstrosity you suggest they are.

“NHS-endorsed websites, which promote high-risk sexual practices, will be mainstreamed in secondary schools.”

Well you’ve got me there. As a red-blooded teenager when I found time to myself at the computer, there’s nothing that turned me on more than those NHS-endorsed websites. Disagree on the high-risk sexual practices though – I got most of my promotion of that from my Catholic school telling me that using condoms was wrong.


I could go on, but I’ve already spent enough time on this. It’s worth noting however that not only is this leaflet an assault on single-parents everywhere, who are apparently depriving their children by not having an opposite sex partner; but it also seems to attack those who choose to follow the virtuous path of adoption, the direct statement that children should be “brought up by the people who conceived them”. Catholics still run adoption agencies, don’t they?

The opposition to equal marriage deviated into farce a long time ago. Now it’s in the realms of utter desperation.

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6 thoughts on “SPUC leafleting school children on same-sex marriage?”

Neal · April 17, 2013 at 10:35 am

Oh Chris, you and your NHS-endorsed websites. Tut tut!

Z · April 17, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Children have the right to be brought up by the people who put cigarettes out on them and locked them in a cupboard at night every day till they were 4 years old. Down with adoption! Protect the rights of abused children to continue being abused, rather than be brought up in a home with 1 or 2 loving parents of any gender! RARGH!

Yes, please tell me more about this loving god you speak of SPUC, he sounds fascinating…


Sheila Hamilton · May 15, 2013 at 8:16 pm

Thank you, Chris, for tackling this. I’ve just seen the same odious leaflet up on facebook (put up by someone who also finds it odious.)

Spuc is an extremist group. Their anti-abortion leaflets employ one tactic again and again and again: misinformation in an attempt to scaremonger. I see they’ve employed it here too.

Sue · May 19, 2013 at 6:46 am

I received one of these through my door yesterday. It feels like hate mail. I’m not gay, but work in a primary school. The tone of the leaflet disturbs me and makes me think it must be in breach of the equality act. Who to report it to? Anyone know?

Ruth · May 22, 2013 at 7:42 pm

My friend found this leaflet at our primary school. She pointed it out to the head and he refused to take it down saying it was a catholic school and these were ‘our’ beliefs. Surely this can’t be legal under equality legislation? It’s clearly politically biased as well as poisonously intolerant. Advice please!

    admin · May 23, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Hi Ruth, thanks for letting me know about that. That’s outrageous, especially as SPUC have denied they’re targeting schools. Do you mind getting in touch with me on christopher.j.ward@gmail.com and giving me more details?

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