My LobbyALord allows you to manage your lobbying progress and see all the Lords you lobbied since you started using the site.

The third reading of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) happens on Monday evening. If MPs accept all amendments made by the Lords, this will be the final vote before the Bill receives royal assent and becomes law.

Josh and I have been slaving away on LobbyALord, the website I developed for Out4Marriage, ever since third reading in the Commons. So many of you have used it and many Peers have remarked at how effective the online pro-lobbying has been on equal marriage. The awesome Out4Marriage-ers Benjamin Cohen and James-J Walsh have done a sterling job giving the site a profile. We’ve done all we can to listen to comments/suggestions and have spent today working on the final update to the site before the vote. This will allow you to register and login. After doing so, you’ll be able to see your lobbying progress in terms of how many Peers you’ve lobbied, a list of those Peers and the ability to filter out Lords you’ve already lobbied.

We hope that by providing the raw figures and a tangible target for every lobbyist, you’ll find the site considerably easier to use with it being more convenient to know which Lords you still have remaining to email.

If you’ve got any questions/feedback, please leave a note here, or tweet me. If you could share this post to let people know, I’d very much appreciate it! 🙂

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