At around 5pm on Monday, Democratic Services at Guildford Borough Council approved my petition asking the council to write to the Equalities Minister supporting equal marriage proposals and, if procedural time constraints allow, formally respond to the consultation.

At time of speaking it has just under 200 signatures. 300 or more will trigger a debate and vote at either full council or the executive.

If you live, study, or work in Guildford, please sign it here!

If it doesn’t accept your address…
If you work in Guildford, put the address of your workplace.
If you study in Guildford, put the address of your place of study. If that’s the uni, then it’s…
University of Surrey

Please ensure you click the link in the confirmation email, otherwise your name won’t be added. If you’re unsure as to whether your name has been added or not, search for it on the petition page!

I’ve made it pretty simple to share. Click here if you want to share on Facebook… and below if you want to share on Twitter.

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