Today the equal marriage petition passed the milestone of 500 signatures required to trigger a debate at the full council meeting of Guildford Borough Council. This debate will likely be at the full council meeting of 5th July, but I will keep everyone informed!

I’ve been rather overwhelmed by the support we’ve had for this – and pleasantly surprised at the individuals who have emphatically backed it. This cause draws backing from all corners of the community, not just those with a personal interest in LGBT issues.

The petition boasts signatures from various key figures in the community. I’m very grateful for their support, including (but not limited to) Guildford Labour Party (particularly Cllr Christian Gilliam, Oliver Deed, Peter Smeed and Martin Phillips), the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats on GBC (Mark Chapman), the Chair of Guildford Lib Dems (Paul Hienkens), the President of the University of Surrey Students’ Union (Dave Halls), the Chair of Gay Surrey (Gino Meriano), the University of Surrey LGBT and many many more.

You are all bloody marvellous. 🙂

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