(l-r) Josh and Chris

Chris was born in 1984 on a British armed forces base in Germany. He then moved to Corby in Northamptonshire at the age of seven, where he attended Our Lady & Pope John RC School. Like many attendees of Catholic schools, Chris ended up a staunch atheist.

After a brief couple of years studying A-Levels at Prince William School in Oundle, Chris moved to Guildford for university to study Computing. Once university ended, he worked for a software house, a political party, a WPP brand agency, and now works for a software company in the City making all sorts of weird and wonderful things with code. Chris codes in many languages and architectures and isn’t afraid of learning new things, although more recently has spent a bit of time with C#.NET, PHP, MSSQL, MySQL, Java and Android Development.

Between 2007 and 2011 Chris was a Councillor on Guildford Borough Council. He led on Lib Dem policy proposals such as supporting Votes at 16, co-opting young people under the age of 18 onto the council’s scrutiny committees, opposing tuition fees, calling for the council to drop its disproportionate snooping powers and demanding the creation of a student landlord accreditation scheme. The latter is being enacted as policy. In his first year on the council he ended a serious community safety issue near the university by forcing the Conservative administration to cave-in and install CCTV in a local underpass notorious for assaults. The following year, crime reduced by 93%. He was also a school governor for a few years.

Chris formulated Lib Dem policy on the ban on men who have sex with men (MSM) from donating blood. He continues to work with members, MPs, councillors and figures from all political backgrounds on this aim. Whilst other LGBT organisations were fighting over themselves to take credit for the “ending” of the lifetime ban, Chris and the Lib Dems passed a motion at national conference calling the new system a “ban by any other name” and saying frankly to the government: this is not good enough.

He currently lives in Covent Garden in Westminster.¬†Chris has more recently been involved in the campaign for equal marriage. Along with his partner, Josh Gladwin, he developed and maintains the vastly successful LobbyALord website, which Stephen Fry said nice things about¬†and Prime Minister David Cameron praised as “very effective”. In four days, well over 10,000 people used the site to ask Peers to support equal marriage prior to the second reading, which was voted through overwhelmingly.

In August 2013, after the Same Sex Marriage Bill received royal assent, Chris and Josh got engaged in Guildford.

Chris has a habit of speaking in the third person.